Umesh Desai Dr. Barot, I had been wearing soft contact lenses for 16 years prior to this, but always had problems in the summer due to hay fever and I probably used to wear the lenses longer than I should, preventing oxygen to get into my eyes. I have been wearing these new lenses for over two years and they are fantastic, I can see 24 hours a day and need not to worry about hay fever, or irritation in my eyes Mr.Jayantibhai Jagatia Although, I was good at sport, my progress was hindered, as I can't do without my glasses. During my teens I envy students wearing different type of Sunglasses. Once, I succeeded in persuading my Dad to get my glasses tinted so it looked like Sunglasses. Soon someone snatched it while I was wearing it and I was blinded, until I got a new pair. From that day onwards I always had two pair of glasses. I had never imagined my life without glasses.