About Dr. Guerrero Cauchi I graduated from U.C. Berkeley's School of Optometry in 1980 and established FamilyICare in 1984. Unlike most optometrists who major in the biological sciences, I came to optometry with a unique background in psychology, human behavior and child development. As such, in addition to providing excellent eye care, I am also sensitive to the "caring" aspect of health. FamilyICare attempts to provide a holistic approach - treating the individual rather than just the pair of eyes. I became an advocate of OrthoK many years ago when I learned of its advantages over refractive surgery. It provides freedom from daytime lenses without the risk involved with surgery. OrthoK and Dr. C.
My passion for OrthoK skyrocketed when I learned of its ability to provide MYOPIA CONTROL - the use of OrthoK lenses to slow and even stop the worsening of nearsightedness in children. As nearsightedness increases, the eye grows longer increasing the risk of a detached retina years in the future. This simply doesn't have to happen if the child is given the gift of OrthoK when the eyes first start changing. Our office customizes training and follow up depending on the needs of the patient. Some patients require more sensitivity and careful monitoring in the early stages of their therapy - after the first week, with a little TLC, they are pros. Continuing education is the secret to providing superior OrthoK therapy and achieving outstanding outcomes. I am a member of the Orthokeratology Academy of America. This is the premier organization for orthokeratologists, dedicated to keeping us on the forefront of orthoK education. I attend several OrthoK related meetings and workshops each year. I spend a minimum of 5 hours each week reading new information about the field. In 2006 I became a fellow of the Orthokeratology Academy of America. This required extensive studying for the comprehensive written test as well as an oral presentation and defense of 5 patient cases. But it was worth it because I increased my knowledge of the field tremendously. I am truly an orthoK authority. In 2008 I was elected to the Board of Directors of the OrthoKeratology Academy of America. My position involves overseeing the new doctor-mentoring program as well as the OrthoK forum where ideas are shared and problem cases are discussed. It is a lot of extra work but so important. Every orthoK doctor has an obligation to their patients to practice to the highest level possible and this is the mission of the OAA.