From our patients... "I can't believe they are advertising the laser surgery so much and this is like some best kept secret. I am seeing nearly perfect after just one night of wearing my Gentle Shaping lenses. I've been a "four eyes" since 3rd grade, I'm now 35 and a 2-Eyes!"
E.K. "GSS contacts are amazing...after wearing GSS contacts for one week I can see 20/15. I can play sports without worrying about my glasses slipping or my contacts becoming dislodged...wearing GSS contacts at night [is] very comfortable when sleeping. Not having to wear glasses or contacts during the day is amazing and is something I had never expected would happen!"
J.R. "I can't even start to say how well ortho-k contact work. My vision was really bad and then I got these contacts and my vision is [now] 20/15! It's just so amazing how well I can see...I would recommend this to anyone!"
C.D. "The Gentle Shaping System is on the verge of being too good to be true. Wearing GSS contact lenses at night would gives me perfect distant vision and greatly improved close up vision during the day. Just three days into the program I flew my single engine airplane with complete confidence. Reading maps, viewing the instrument panel, and taking in the world around me was done in a way never before possible!"
E.H. "It's been almost 5 years since starting the GSS program [and] I'm just as happy today as when I started. My biggest concern was the possibility of having reading glasses all the time and Dr. Rob has been able to give me the best of both worlds without sacrificing distance or reading. Given the uncertain outcome of [laser] surgery, this is the best option!"