These contacts are great. They're much easier to wear than day contacts because there are so many things that can get into your eyes at school.
Nearly 100 years of service to the Chicago community Dr. Herzberg has been serving the needs of the Aurora community since 1977. Herzberg Optical is a multi generational practice offering the latest technologies as well as the best traditional and experienced methods for all of your vision care needs. Dr. Cary Herzberg specializes in extended and specific treatment with expertise in preventative care,OrthoK, custom designed contact lenses,treatment of eye diseases, rehabilitation of the Cornea from eye diseases and post surgical complications. Dr. Herzberg has a large pediatric practice where he places a special emphasis on holistic care for conditions like myopia (nearsightedness) and imbalances in the visual system.
Preventative Eye Care
We highlight myopia control and containment sought with the latest technologies and the most efficacious treatment. Our approach in eye care is proactive. This means that we adopt procedures and methods with the ultimate goal to prevent problems, We may apply this to early glaucoma detection or improving the reading performance by correcting a potential muscle imbalance. In any case the principle is applied to all patients and answers are sought for all different circumstances and conditions. Our eye examination and treatments will include steps that a patient may take to prevent potential problems. As the care giver Dr. Herzberg may include suggestions or treatments on lifestyle as in how a child may posture herself while reading that will have a positive impact on lowering stress on the focusing systems of the eye as well as increasing reading speed and comprehension. Payment Options
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