These contacts are great. They're much easier to wear than day contacts because there are so many things that can get into your eyes at school.
Facilities and Equipment Facilities and Equipment We perform corneal topography as appropriate and fit WAVE Fully-Customized Contact Lenses for superior eye health and vision and for corneal re-shaping giving freedom from eyeglasses and prescription stability! Our office is handicapped-accessible.
Comprehensive and specialty eye exams, contact lens fittings of all types, co-management for laser and cataract surgeries and frame styling to complement your lifestyle. Outside prescriptions welcome. Wave optics now guides our firm gas permeable custom lens design and energizes our custom ortho-keratology program, re-shaping your cornea to eliminate the need for day-time contact lenses or eyeglasses and to stabilize prescriptions. This is particularly helpful in limiting the extent of nearsightedness in children as they grow keeping necessary eyeglasses thinner and reducing potential side effects of myopia, such as retinal detachment, later in life. Call with questions, or come in for an evaluation of the suitability of this process for your and your childrens eyes. Payment Options
We accept cash, personal checks, ATM, MasterCard®, Visa®, and Discover®. Languages: English