Liz Liao, 13 The Silicon Valley Optometry Center is very beneficial for nearsightedness. I've used Ortho-K for about two years, and my eyesight improved a lot in class and outside. When I came here, my eyesight wasn't very good. But after Dr. Lucy Wun specially fitted and ordered contacts that fit me the best, I've had no problems with my contacts or eyesight. I recommend Dr. Lucy Wun because she is very nice, professional and understanding. My new contacts feel great and I'm very happy with my results. Jeffrey Hsu, 12 Before I had ortho-k, I couldn't see well without glasses, I do a lot of exercises everyday, especially I go swimming everyday, so carring glasses was not convenient for me. After I had Ortho-k therapy, I can see well now, my mom is now very happy to see the result of me doing the ortho-k program, it took me only a week to get used to it, it is such a wonderful way to correct my vision. Thanks to Silicon Valley Optometry and Dr. Wun and staffs.