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OrthoKDoctors subscription cost pays for itself!
"Thanks Richard! Louis Jison and myself are relative newbies to ortho-k ... but are having a great time with it, and great results!
We have gotten referrals from the web site and refer potential ortho-k patients to it all of the time. It is a great asset and practice builder.
Thanks again for keeping on top of it and helping us make ortho-k a viable part of our practice."
Todd Robert, O.D., Downers Grove, IL April 2011

How does it work?

You can watch a four minute video that explains how OrthoKDoctors.com operates for the practices who purchase a subscription.

OrthoKDoctors.com becomes your specialty OrthoK website that supplements your general website. It educates your patients about OrthoK and shows you as the knowledgeable, experienced orthokeratologist. Subscribed doctors get a personalized OrthoK office website (see a sample here) where patients can learn about the procedure and your practice. The search engine to find individual doctors does not appear on subscription pages.

  • Patients can easily find you after reading, watching and listening about OrthoK
  • Subscribed doctors are listed first in the zip code doctor search results.
  • OAA members are recognized and also given higher priority listings.
  • Establishes credibility with your patients.
  • Puts more OrthoK patients in your chair.
  • OrthoKDoctors.com will design your page(s) for you at no additional charge.
  • You can use your own domain name, such as YourCityOrthoK.com.
  • We host your own version of OrthoKDoctors.com so that your patients never see the search engine.
OrthoKDoctors.com features an extensive description of OrthoK, FAQs, video clips, patient testimonials plus relevant news and media links. Web content is customized to inform your current patients who want more information as well as introduce yourself to patients new to your office.

Two subscription levels provide a priority rank within your zip code, a link to personal pages about your practice, with video, text, testimonials, listing of hours, phone, photos and other items that patients expect to find.
All Subscriptions are for one year and include your customized doctor site plus all OrthoK info pages. Multiple doctors/sites by quote.
Multiple pages
OAA Member $550/year
Member Attended most recent OAA Convention $500/year
Non-member $650/year
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