Who is a Candidate?
John Abdella, O.D., F.O.A.A.: Ortho-Keratology is such an exciting field. It opens up, for a whole group of people, the ability to get rid of their glasses or their contact lenses, or certainly reduce their dependency on them during daylight hours. You get to sky dive, you get to golf, you get to swim, you get to dive under water, without wearing glasses or contact lenses. And for a whole group of people who are dependent on lenses to be able to see, either glasses or contact lenses, this is a remarkable thing.

Rob Gerowitz, O.D., F.O.A.A.: My favorite candidates are those that know that their vision has gotten worse year by year, and they want to stop all the horses from running out of the barn. These are the patients that are highly motivated and they wanna do better for themselves, or they wanna do better for their kids, 'cause they as parents had their lenses get thick and thick every year. So I want a patient who knows that were gonna do something different, something that they've never had before. Not just to improve their vision now, but to hopefully prevent from getting worse and worse, year by year.
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